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Building a Seaweed Nursery

Buy a Tee to build a nursery! The Love Rimurimu project is ready to scale to continue the mahi to restore Wellington's underwater forests. They’re raising funds so they can build a new seaweed nursery. A larger nursery means they will be able to grow a lot more rimurimu as well as understand more of the science around how to grow them effectively. Growing seaweed means improving our waters and restoring our underwater habitats, creating homes and food for our marine species. They are doing a fundraiser selling limited edition seaweed I.D t-shirts featuring some of the native species found in Wellington. Connecting with our native species, even just learning their name, is a powerful way to connect to our moana. Our underwater forests are in serious decline and we need all the help we can get to restore them before we lose them completely. Human connection is a vital part of this process. To buy a Tee- follow this link To learn more about Love Rimurimu- follow this link

Seaweed illustrations on t-shirts by Syke Sterling

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