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Seaweed Restoration Projects

Why we need seaweed restoration

Seaweed plays a vital role in marine ecosystems, providing food and habitat for a wide range of species. However, in recent years, seaweed populations have been declining due to a variety of factors such as climate change, pollution, silt runoff and overfishing.

Seaweed restoration efforts aim to restore these important ecosystems by growing and planting seaweed babies in areas where it has been lost. These efforts have been gaining traction in recent years and have shown very promising results.

Kelp all around the world

There are many examples of seaweed restoration projects all over the world that have successfully grown and planted kelp in areas where it had previously disappeared, resulting in an increase in not just the seaweed itself, but also biodiversity and the return of important species which rely on the shelter of seaweed for habitat.

What is seaweed used for?

In addition to restoring ecosystems, seaweed restoration efforts also have the potential to provide economic benefits. Seaweed is a valuable resource that can be used in a variety of industries, including food, cosmetics, renewable energy, filtration systems, and LUBE!

Seaweed can save the planet

Seaweed plays an important role in mitigating climate change. It absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and when it dies and sinks to the ocean floor, it stores this carbon for centuries. It also produces a massive amount of Earth's oxygen.

By restoring seaweed populations, we can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and combat climate change.

Octacle Wetsuit Lube is made from seaweed

Here at Octacle we utilise farmed seaweed for its amazing slippery properties as an alternative to the horrible alternatives. We are also heavily involved with these restoration projects to bring awareness to the topic. As a super fast growing algae, it really is a perfect solution to so many of our otherwise toxic problems- packaging, beauty care products, food, etc

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Feb 27, 2023

Super interesting! Seaweed is great stuff

Kat Greager
Kat Greager
Mar 20, 2023
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It's the answer!

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