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Reviews: Testimonials


I will only use Octacle...
It's the best Wetsuit Lubrication System that I have ever used and will ever use going forward...
Octacle is made proudly made in New Zealand, Wellington by Spearos/Freedivers for Spearos/Freedivers who actually do the hard work and walk the talk everyday...
A must have in any serious, self respecting Spearos/Freedivers gear bag who genuinely cares for the environment and wants to break away from the oldskool...

Jarrid Plows

Octacle is my go-to suit lube.
I dive at least three times a week and it's been amazing the difference it has made to my skin not using soap.
The added benefit of natural ingredients and no negative impact on ocean or equipment make it an easy choice.
This is the future.

Zhoel Truman

I love my all natural lube so good for the skin an suit.
Makes suiting up Such a breeze.
amazing product.

Blue eyes

So great to have this beautiful locally made product available to us. Keep up the good work Octacle!

Craig Freeborn

Great product!!!
The benefits all round are amazing.

Jess Ayres

Great product. So much easier now to get in and out of my open cell!

Bob Alagh

This is an incredible product!! Your skin is actually better for the use of it. Ask anyone that has actually used it and this is what they say. Honestly, give it a try. You’re welcome!


I was after a natural lube for the latex neck seal on my drysuit and have definitely found it. A little goes a long... long way... Barely a pinch of the powder mixed with a couple of tablespoons of tap water and I found a great consistency for the seals. My drysuit now glides easily over my head. Very happy!

Jo Clearwater

Had huge problems with my skin after diving. Was going down the road of full barrier creams or giving up all together. I actually became quite unwell. Washed my suit with disinfectant and tried Octacle, instantly I had great results. My skin is now better after a dive than before - Amazing stuff and I’m really happy to be able to keep diving. Thanks.


Great product, simple to use and makes your suit super slippery/easy to put on! 1 tub goes a long way as well. Recommend giving it a try!

Gary Tiana Allan

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